Learn The Subconscious Aspects of Personal Empowerment: A Powerful Breathing Tool

by | Apr 28, 2020

As a corporate trainer, speaker and mental health counselor, I focus on stress management tools, and today, I’m going to talk to you about how to manage stress more effectively. When we are stressed, most people don’t have good coping mechanisms to deal with it. So,  I’m going to teach you a simple yet very effective coping mechanism that can literally change the way you function as you go about your day to day life so you don’t end up at the end of your day with stress built up, that you have to process when you sleep at night.

Think about how great it would be when you get to the end of your day and instead of going to sleep with this huge bulk of stress that has to be managed, what if you’re pouring some of it out all day long and now you only have to manage much less, how much more rest and restoration could you achieve? Considerable amounts. And, I’m going to teach you how to do that. I’m going to introduce you to a breathing technique, that when we strengthen it with hypnosis it becomes a more powerful tool for stress relief and self- control . There are many simple breathing techniques you can do, but we are able to make it a stronger more effective tool by reinforcing it with the hypnotic state.

And, to understand this tool- it begins with a simple model of the mind: 

One thing we know is stress activates the sympathetic nervous system-and triggers the fight flight response. Engaging a simple but powerful breathing technique combined with hypnosis can quickly allow you to activate the parasympathetic nervous system that in turn, triggers a healthy immune response and a calming mechanism. 

So follow along with me, and let’s experience how we can shift our emotions and our feelings in the body and you can see how- in just a few short moments, you can begin to change the way you feel. This breathing technique will help you-and, with my clients, when I work with them and I use hypnosis- it helps them to reinforce and strengthen the benefits considerably. But this will help you even on your own…

The key to this breathing technique is, exhaling twice as long as the inhale:

So, we will choose a count of 3,pause,6

As you begin- inhale for the count of 3 through your nose and imagine the word calm

As you pause the breath -imagine you are absorbing the calm into every cell and every fiber of your being

And as you exhale for the count of 6 out of your mouth- imagine you are releasing pressure, tension and stress

And we begin this cycle of calming and releasing 

Inhale calm for 3

Absorb the calm,  into every cell every fiber

Exhale tension pressure and stress for 6

And, repeat for one more round

Remember to only use this cycle for 3 or 4 rounds

Now your focus is more in alignment with you being the happy healthy balanced and empowered person that you choose to be. And, keep in mind when you take these steps to manage stress, and then you reinforce them with a tool like hypnosis, you can make them even more powerful, because we anchor it to subconscious reconditioning. Now you’re able to shift into a wonderfully receptive state of mind in order to achieve the change that you are seeking and ultimately, a life that you love!

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