As a certified hypnotherapist my focus is on working with the subconscious mind, helping people to overcome the limiting beliefs that are so often present. 

My Own Journey

I came into this meaningful training and counseling work during a challenging PhD program in London, UK, when I encountered some stress related health issues. Ultimately, this experience taught me the importance of not only dealing with the body directly but also the importance of integrating the mind and the emotions.

In my career as a teacher and mental health counselor, I have assisted many people with these powerful tools and I enjoy helping to empower others. I help people build psychological momentum as we bring on board their mind and emotions to support their body, behaviors and their goals for greater well-being. I focus on mind/body integration for optimal health, personal and business success, and I work both privately and within group sessions.

The Subconscious Aspects of Empowerment

Ultimately my evolution became about this more whole calling to bring these well-being retreats & these empowerment seminars to you. So while I continue to work professionally as a hypnotherapist and as a writer I’m bringing to you what I have learned on this journey, and that is: we have to integrate our mind and our thoughts, our emotions and the body. This leads to emotional clarity and spiritual intuitiveness and we can bring all that together.

Group focus and evolution

And then, with that understanding, we can connect into this group energy in the seminar settings that is about warmth and caring, allowing us to focus on what is important to us which allows us to evolve.

My Training

Many consider the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Los Angeles, California (HMI) to deliver the most demanding and complete college Hypnotherapy training in the world. HMI was founded in 1968 and was the first hypnotherapy college to become nationally accredited, by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, in Washington, D.C. As a member of the American Hypnosis Association (AHA), I have been active in educating about and promoting hypnotherapy. I bring a unique specialization for applying the tools of hypnosis in group trainings and educational settings.

Hypnotherapists are not licensed by the State of California as healing arts practitioners and some conditions may require medical or psychological referral.