Journaling & The Creative Flow

Recognize your creativity and your value, & step into the creative flow

Journaling is a tool that allows you to process emotions and clear negative responses to the external world.

In the workshop, you’ll learn:

How to become a more acute observer

Increase your sense of self-mastery and inner stability
Learn the art of reflection to bring greater focus
Discover how to be more present and hone your concentration

Find your inner self and the depth of your being

This workshop can help you eliminate anticipatory anxiety that may be stopping you from the very things you want to accomplish. You can use these simple journal-writing exercises to free your mind and allow you to pursue the things you want to do. Journaling can help you unlock your potential.

Mary Moylan,


Mary is a mental health counselor and writer with more than 20 years of experience. Mary teaches workshops on how to use creative and expansive journal writing to help curious professionals become more intelligently reflective and awake. She created a website/blog called where she interviewed documentary filmmakers, reviewed festivals and books and wrote articles about filmmaking.

Mary has published articles and book reviews for both The International Documentary Association and the London School of Economics. She has teaching and tutoring writing experience at the graduate level as well as a graduate interdisciplinary research training from the University of London in: literary sociology, phenomenology/philosophy/documentary film. Mary journals everyday, including spiritual journaling and open-heart journaling. You can check out her current blog where she writes about mental health and The Creative Flow

In her free time, Mary walks her Tibetan Terrier through the beautiful paths & beaches in Santa Barbara, California.

What is the Creative flow?

For some people, this is about: stopping overthinking or, being easily distracted. It’s about allowing those moments to be more common by recognizing that they exist within you.

Stop over thinking, Connect to a higher power, turn down the noise in your thinking
What’s getting in your way? Lack of confidence or consistency? We provide a solution!

We will take a deep dive into creative and therapeutic journaling: we emphasize and include the techniques that give a person the most insight into what they are really feeling inside, what do they really want.


In-person and Virtual sessions are available