I have been practicing the “voo” breath and handing back metaphorical suitcases. Affirmations and hypnosis are definitely a valuable part of the “new upgrade” on the old software. Still some baggage to let go of but I can see progress. Been making progress on the Ed project too and the affirmations are really helping. Thank you so much for your guidance. You are so smart and wonderful. I feel safe, seen, heard, and valued with you. 😊

You are a truly kind and healing presence in my life.


“You made everything about my life so crystal clear. I don’t think the observations you had at our last session were ones I wanted to hear; but they were right on the money. I think my search for what ails me is over. Now to get rid of it, change and never think or talk about it again is my goal.”

“I thank you so very much. I’m feeling a “shift” and “relief”. I am pacing myself and listening to the recording every night.”

“Thank you very much, Mary. I am enjoying this. The progress keeps coming.”

“The session today was incredibly powerful; you never fail to amaze me. You see so clearly what I don’t, until you shine a light on it.”

“I can and I will….I love it….if you believe it’s possible….I’m convinced and my hopes are renewed. My will to recover is stronger than ever. You haven’t been wrong yet.”

“The metaphor about the tree losing its leaves to grow new really resonates with me. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but thank you! You are super talented at what you do. I felt so at peace and happy yesterday! Today too!”

“A miracle, which I give you so much credit for: my daughter has returned to her old beautiful self. I’ve enjoyed many conversations, meals, and shopping with her! It has been a long time coming. I shared with her my “holiday” anxiety and my silly “fear” of losing more loved ones and she started letting her feelings out to my husband and me. Low and behold her issues are the exact same ones as I have!

“I’m doing well and listening to your recordings daily. Your teachings are very helpful”

“My husband bends over backwards to help me anyway possible. If I have an issue I just drop a comment and walk away. Thank you again!“

“You gave me a great gift today, hope, it lifted my spirits so much and renewed my will to work hard at healing. So, I’ve decided to keep that rock with the word “dreams” on it instead of throwing it in the ocean. Lol.”

“I thought it was such rotten luck to run into my brother the other day when in fact it was a blessing because you were able to see how the hurt/disbelief sinks me. The feeling of my soul completely shredded by their hate. After working with you it’s not a constant, but situational when I am forced to see the reality of the price I paid by standing up for, protecting, and trying to bring peace to my family of origin. My sense of failure. It was such a great awakening to hear the way you reframed it for me. Even though the circumstances are the same I can now feel pride in my efforts and let them go with love. This is HUGE for me. It’s amazing how just a few words can make such a powerful difference in my life.”

“Dear Mary,

I am still a non-smoker, thank you so much for your help. It hasn’t been easy, but the tapes help. Thanks again for everything,“

“It’s very hard to be sick for so long. I’m able to take care of myself when I think about the child/adolescent. What would I say to encourage them? What would I do to comfort them? Then the choices are easy and any guilt for taking care of myself goes away. Thank you yet again.”

“Your insights today have already impacted me in a positive manner and given me more tools and lots to think about.”

“Remembering back to 2015 and I came to Sansum Clinic for help, my brain so out of it. My inability to be fully awake and aware. My husband leading me around, pulling me along. Almost passing out when I had to stand in line to register. Barely able to converse with the clerk. Today, the same doctor, me smiling as I told him of my improvements in the quality of my life. Carrying on an intelligent conversation with the doctor. Getting all my questions answered. Telling my husband to rest in the car, go get a snack, I can do this all by myself.”

“I am an extraordinary person. Who does this? Leaving no stone unturned. Not giving up. Willing to confront the changes, the truths within me, listening to constructive criticism, and implementing with all my heart and soul the needed changes – me, an extraordinary me.”

“I am better! My life is improving! I can and I will keep going!”

“Last night was magical! Apparently my very calm “let’s not go there” comment last Friday had a lasting effect. Speaking my needs works! I did go with my shield in place so I was comfortable all evening. ??”

“I’m doing much much better! I had lunch with brother yesterday and really enjoyed it! Surprised myself. My stomach is much better. I’m so grateful for your help. I’m able to rebound without napping-just listen to tape and the breathing, body scan, nature sounds.”

“So great! I woke up happy-happy all day 2 days in a row. Woke up happy today! 0 anxiety 0 stress 3 achy. 1 hour of rest yesterday while watching the sunset. I stayed up late because I was enjoying myself rather than going to bed early sad. I took a stand up shower, stood up for makeup and hair – last time that happened was November last year. I enjoyed visiting my daughter and enjoyed playing with grandson rather than “surviving” it. I started a sewing project 6 months ago and have been enjoying/rather than stressing over how in the world am I going to finish this while working on it. I resisted washing my daughters dishes and folding her laundry. That was hard. Ate healthy. I was dancing and smiling getting ready for bed. Giggling in my sleep. You are amazing. I like this latest tape because there aren’t any negative feelings that come up. Thank you!”