Corporate Trainings

Learn the subconscious aspects of empowerment in all areas of your life.

As a corporate trainer and speaker, I invite you to learn: The subconscious aspects of business empowerment & your mental goal machine.

In the programs that I offer, I will educate your group to understand where they are being limited in terms of achievement or goals, why they are being limited and then what, in a simple way, they can begin to do to free themselves from that limitation.

With 3 simple tools, your group will learn to engage these changes that they seek and then be able to implement the changes for long term success.

I introduce your group to their mental goal machine- because our subconscious mind is really a goal machine. And, I teach them a program-a way to take goals and information they know are important for their success and, that are perhaps not happening, that may be blocked by some behavior, fear or limiting belief – I’m going to teach them how to remove those, engage the behaviors & expand the beliefs so that they can become more successful than they’ve ever been before.

Influencing a business or corporate environment in a positive manner includes: Improving performance & fulfilling potential. And, this often involves refined communication strategies as well as stress management and this would be another level of training that is available:

Two things that set me apart:

What sets me apart is that In addition to teaching suggestibility types & communication strategies, I go beyond just the cognitive strategies and we engage subconscious empowerment. Then I give you the tools that will allow you to integrate this knowledge and transform.

Much of the existing coaching and leadership training available in the business and corporate world offer cognitive approaches and tools that are important but are only one aspect of the change that people are seeking. What we are really interested in doing is engaging motivation and it is my experience and my understanding that this is not accomplished by limiting the focus on cognitive strategies alone.

And, understanding how the subconscious approach differs from the conscious approach is key:

We understand that people consciously are working from the programming that begins in their beliefs, and often times people’s beliefs are from a time in their life when maybe they did not have as much knowledge as they do now. People often work from a level of confidence they learned in the past that doesn’t reflect where they are today. So, we can help someone take the intellectual knowledge that “I am very good at what I do” and we can understand how to help in whatever area of specialty they are in, and get them to really feel that and change that underlying belief that may be causing limits in their life.

Because I work with the subconscious mind and not only in the conscious/cognitive processes, we are actually addressing the limiting ideas that exist in their life, in a different level of the mind. We go to the core where that issue exists, or where that programing is causing that lack of understanding or communication and we are changing it there. This is often a more effective and a more rapid approach to change and because of that, we get really good results.

The following are the main areas that I will focus on

Limiting Beliefs

So, with a focus on behavior, I help people overcome limiting beliefs and ideas that are getting in their way or sabotaging them.


I will teach you to communicate in a more effective way in order to understand a person as an individual. So, rather than communicating with each person in the same way, I explain the differences in the ways different people speak and learn and hear so that you can modify your approach and become more effective.


I help people to set reasonable goals and to be motivated to achieve them. I introduce the subconscious mind as a “goal machine” and how we can gain the psychological momentum to go beyond the “homeostasis” that has been limiting your success.

Manage Stress

I help people to manage stress. How do you deal with it? Some people have maladaptive behaviors or, behaviors that don’t really serve them. So, I will teach you how to manage stress better and how to then, turn that into being more confident, and having less diminishment of function because: of negativity or stress as opposed to being calm and more clear and focused.

Company types

Technology Companies

Cardiology & Internal Medicine

Cancer Care & Treatment

Hospitals, Clinics & Treatment Facilities

Fitness Wellness & Detox Retreats

Resorts & Wellness Centers

Please contact me directly for more information on creating a customized group session or seminar for your staff.


“Mary’s presentation was illuminating and inspiring. Her calm and professional demeanor engaged the audience and provided insightful knowledge when encountering life’s many different obstacles and situations. I would recommend Mary’s services to anyone who is looking to enhance their cognitive abilities and personal outlook on life.”

Ely Sanudo

Lead Instructor, Aveda Institute

“Mary’s presentations were informative and engaging. She provided education on the background and techniques of hypnotherapy with practical demonstrations involving our residents. Mary’s biggest impact was the group self-hypnosis activity. Our residents really appreciated Mary’s attention to detail and her willingness to work with them individually. Mary’s preparation and presentation of materials to our residents was outstanding!”

Steve Maraccini

Social Services Coordinator, Christian Church Homes