Got anxiety?

by | Dec 1, 2023

Often times this is due in large part to our own negative self- talk and the negativity you may experience creates a lot of anxiety in you and this is because of your relationship with yourself and not really recognizing on a feeling level that you are smart and you can trust yourself. For example, it’s likely you have had good training perhaps in your field of interest or career or, you are a good mother or father perhaps-but are disconnected from these truths. So, it’s your relationship with yourself, this subconscious connection that keeps you in a state of feeling that you’re anxious and kind of in a fight/ flight state. In order to break that state, you have to work on changing your relationship to yourself.

So it’s not magic- I don’t snap my fingers and the anxiety is gone. We work on fundamentally retraining your subconscious self -image to recognize the strengths and abilities you have and in doing so you are less interested in what other people think about you, for example, because from the inside you feel better and better about yourself.

With hypnosis, we can work on this over a period of time and I make a recording for my clients that they need to listen to as part of the retraining of this. And this is the exact kind of thing that hypnotherapy is really good at helping with. We need a few sessions and then we assess where you are. As the onion peels we will understand it more and we will be able to create these changes with you hopefully that allow you to get rid of or minimize the anxiety and build your confidence and that is going to help you in every part of your life.

With hypnosis, we will release these triggers and the underlying emotional stress pressures experiences & ideas that have caused you to have anxiety, allowing you to awaken each day more and more calm, allowing you to step into a life that you are creating that you want- more in control and rested and empowered.

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