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Nervous System Reset

Meditation Mondays

Breath Lab

Kundalini Warrior Yoga

Restorative Sundays

Nervous System Reset

Join me weekly for a nervous system reset! It’s a guided nervous system regulating practice where we engage meditations and breathing tools, and somatic inquiry to really look and see what is happening in the body!

We know that we have the ability, we have neuroplasticity to change our patterns and grow and to develop healthy ways of being and sometimes we need the road map to do that.

Eventually, we come to realize that all of that energy that we use to keep ourselves safe- can stop us from living fully. It’s about recognizing when we are contracted: and this can look like addiction, or, shallow breathing or limited movements, catastrophic thinking, impulsivity, difficulty sleeping…

As humans we have a mechanism within our own nervous system to heal and we just have to know that we can tap into that, as with tapping into the vagus nerve, for example. So join me weekly for a nervous system reset!

Meditation Mondays

Free weekly practices and grow your spiritual intuitive ability. Practice live or on-demand.

The purpose of this group is to explore meditation techniques and reflect upon the experience. We will utilize various techniques from Eckhart Tolle, Swami Durgananda, Joe Dispenza and more.

Breath Lab

Pranayama w/ Therapeutic Imagery

“Learn to Observe the breath, and learn to live effortlessly in the present moment. Feel the breath and feel the ebb and flow of life. Allow the breath to sustain and nourish you, filling you with energy and cleansing you of tension and fatigue. Move with the breath, and invite your soul to dance. Make sounds with the mantras, and teach your soul to sing. Follow the breath, and it will lead you out to the farthest reaches of the universe and inward to the deepest part of your inner world.”
— From the Yoga Poem

We move the breath: move it from the lower triangle of the body up into the upper triangle of the body: the heart, the throat, the 3rd eye Connecting to that energy space, that clarity of that vibration space, and out of the density that can happen when the energy pools in the lower triangle.

Each week, we are going to explore different breathing exercises, which are also known as pranayama. These pranayama are fundamental parts of the Kundalini yoga basic breath series.

Kundalini Warrior Yoga

I teach safe trauma informed kundalini yoga. We are not trying to rush a process, we are not chasing a goal. We are seeking balance and healing in our bodies and this takes time and patience. And, there are specific ways and methods of doing this, that are safe.

The crown chakra is not the goal! Many of my hypnotherapy clients have contacted me for support after doing Kundalini yoga on Youtube! So don’t google kundalini yoga/youtube- because people are weird and misinformed and it’s just not grounded or safe.

Our Focus – We are clearing and energizing the body system:
We draw the energy up and then, reside it back down to the heart. A Kriya, for example, is intentionally designed to move us through the chakras. We start with moving the lower body and the lower energies, we transmute them through the pranic pump and breath of fire and alchemy. By the time it gets into the higher chakras, it is a more subtle, balanced and clear energy, so, that is the order of importance. We want to move energy slowly and intentionally from the lower half of the body into the upper half through the crown chakra and then back down into the heart, and not exploding through the crown and disappearing into the ether. We project from the heart because this is the place where divine energy and worldly energy come together where the masculine and the feminine come together where the solar and the lunar come together in our body.

Restorative Sundays

Join me for conscious relaxation!
How we relate to support is where the restorative energy comes in. Allow me to be your ambassador to connect to support from the Earth, the breath, from space, light, and warmth. This is physical, energetic, and mental support.

Learn non-doing & release over effort. Restorative yoga helps us to learn how to be in a relationship with tension:
*We can learn to be in a relationship with our fundamental restlessness and our fundamental spaciousness
*We can release unnecessary tension.
*We build awareness and take action.

Restorative yoga helps with biomechanic Issues: *We use props and support to create alignment & to release habitual tension

We create space for optimal support: *Connecting into the breath & this creates space for the movement of breath to down-regulate the nervous system this creates mental and emotional support, & balance at the level of the cells.

Why Trauma Informed

Most of us are dealing with some form of trauma, whether that’s a big T or a small t. We’re working with the fact that trauma is stored in the body and we can heal it and release that through engaging various tools such as hypnotherapy, breath work, meditation and yoga.

What we are doing with trauma-informed yoga, for example, is we’re learning about nervous system regulation. We build that strength and resilience in our own nervous system, getting to know ourselves, working with some of the unresolved trauma and building that capacity to be present.

I have expanded my hypnotherapy practice in order to offer these extra tools of somatic inquiry and trauma informed yoga to my clients, to provide more support through weekly yoga classes and monthly workshops & retreats.

In your one to one sessions & within group settings, clients have the opportunity to experience how these tools allow them to bring their mind & body into regulation, into unity. In these trauma- informed sessions we can understand a lot about our own mind, the way our minds work, the way our bodies work, the way our nervous system is, and we can bring that resilience that we build into our life with other people and that’s the co-regulation we are seeking.

Tools we use in TI yoga:

These are non-linear or layered/stacked tools- for example: we can use asanas or poses with different intentions: to activate calm, balance. And, we can use resourcing as an opportunity to come back to our source. In this trauma informed somatic inquiry, we can practice building strength, we can do grounding, centering, and orienting things. And then we can build this interoceptive awareness within ourselves. And this interceptive awareness basically just means we’re aware of what’s going on in our body, in our thoughts, our energy. It’s an internal sensory perception. And then we consider some of the other things that also happen in terms of our sense of inclusion. We are going to honor the diversity of the students and their lives, their experiences. That’s part of trauma-informed yoga.

I invite you to join me for monthly workshops & retreats, one to one sessions and weekly classes for nervous system regulation practices. As many of my clients know, doing their “homework” between sessions is a key component for achieving the lasting change they are seeking. And there are no “hypno-miracles” because: This is deep body based healing with people and, we are neurosynaptically wiring in a new way of thinking, a new way of feeling and a new way of breathing, a new way of moving, a new way of emoting and new ways of interacting with our families or friends… and ultimately creating a life that you love.