Harmonize Self Seminar Series

Discover your Heart Centered Path

by Joining us for the Harmonize Self Seminar Series

Deeply discover what all of your parts desire: mind, body, spirit & emotion, and then create a plan to engage this desire and create a life that you love.

Many seminars focus on only one tool or one element to the exclusion of others; for example how you think or how you behave, or perhaps it’s mostly body focused. This training is about finding out what is missing in your life, why you are stuck, and what would make your life more satisfying.

This is first a journey of discovery, and then you learn how to implement change to incorporate what you discovered into your daily life. This is an evolution. This is mind, body, and spirit relearning.

This seminar is a journey of discovery of what you really need and want and creates freedom from what has been.

Come together with like-minded people and discover on a deep level a life that is more satisfying, complete and whole in mind, body, emotion and spirit.

  • Better intimate relationships with friends and family

  • Clearer vision of the future

  • Feeling peaceful more often

  • Able to make better decisions when it comes to health and well-being

  • Living a life you love

Dear Clients,

I invite you to Learn the subconscious aspects of empowerment- in all areas of your life!

Create harmony within, Integrate & Empower

What is your path with heart? This is heart-centered work: positive heart-centered connection to what you want and how to open yourself up to achieve it.

Discover and choose your path with heart.

There is no better time than the NOW to dive into our own mental health. Over this past year, I took a pause from my one to one client sessions order to design and then bring you this powerful training based on my continued learnings from body/mind psychology and from my private practice over the years as well as my own life experiences.

What is this training all about: why are you here?

Come and discover more deeply what all of your parts- Mind, body, spirit & emotion are desiring and then, you create a plan to engage this and create a life that you love.

Unlike so many seminars I have encountered that focus on only one tool or one element to the exclusion of others…for example: how you think or how you behave-or perhaps it’s mostly body focused… and this training is about: find out what is missing and why you are stuck and what would be more satisfying for you.

I see it as a journey of discovery and then, how do we implement the change towards what you are discovering you more deeply want – what is your evolution?

So, it’s mind, body, spirit relearning.

It’s a journey of discovery and freedom from what has been, and to discovering what your life can be, what you want.

Come together with like minded people as you discover on a deeper level what it is really that is going to create a more satisfying and complete and whole life-mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Mary Moylan


For your convenience

Available in person in a beautiful resort setting or virtually via Zoom over 5 weeks.

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