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Mary Moylan C. Ht.

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As a mental health counselor and a clinical hypnotherapist, I specialize in an integrative mind-body approach to health, personal empowerment and overall well-being. With hypnotherapy, we are addressing the potential subconscious ideas, beliefs, and emotions that often limit the client from achieving optimal health outcomes, personal goals or potentials.

To get started, call or email me to set up a 20-minute consultation, free of charge, in order to find out how I can be of help to you.

Intellect Opens The Door, Emotion turns on the Light

Harmonize Hypnotherapy


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With hypnotherapy, we are addressing the potential subconscious ideas, beliefs, and emotions that are limiting you from achieving what you want.

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Hypnosis & Why It Works

Hypnosis is what I call a consent state.  You must want to be hypnotized and allow it.  When the mind is quieted and the emotions calmed we can achieve a state of mind in which critical thinking can relax and thoughts and ideas that are in line with what you know is in your best interest can be accepted into the subconscious mind and the old learned conditioning can begin to change


Mary Moylan


My name is Mary Moylan, as a corporate trainer and clinical hypnotherapist, I focus on mind/ body integration for optimal health and business success and I work both privately and within group sessions.

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Breathing Technique by Mary Moylan

What our clients are saying


“A miracle, which I give you so much credit for:  my daughter has returned to her old beautiful self. I’ve enjoyed many conversations, meals, and shopping with her!  It has been a long time coming. I shared with her my “holiday” anxiety and my silly “fear” of losing more loved ones and she started letting her feelings out to my husband and me. Low and behold her issues are the exact same ones as I have!”
“You made everything about my life so crystal clear. I don’t think the observations you had at our last session were ones I wanted to hear; but they were right on the money. I think my search for what ails me is over. Now to get rid of it, change and never think or talk about it again is my goal.”
“It’s very hard to be sick for so long. I’m able to take care of myself when I think about the child/adolescent. What would I say to encourage them? What would I do to comfort them?  Then the choices are easy and any guilt for taking care of myself goes away. Thank you yet again.”
Hypnosis is a natural state that we all encounter in our lives. You transition into this state when you find yourself engrossed in a great movie and experience visceral responses in the body and emotional changes in the mind. Or when you find yourself off in a daydream and then click back into the moment and wonder ‘where did I just drift off to!

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