Learn The Subconscious Aspects Of Greater Business Empowerment

by | Apr 28, 2020

My name is Mary Moylan, as a corporate trainer and speaker, I focus on aspects of mental and emotional success. In this blog, I’m going to talk to you about how you can learn the subconscious aspects of greater business empowerment. 

Much of the existing coaching and leadership training available in the business and corporate world offer cognitive  approaches and tools that are important but are only one aspect of the change that people are seeking. What we are really interested in doing is engaging motivation and it is my experience and my understanding that this is not accomplished by limiting the focus on cognitive strategies alone.

And, understanding how the subconscious approach differs from the conscious approach is key:

1. we understand that people consciously are working from the programming that begins in their beliefs, and often times people’s beliefs are from a time in their life when maybe they did not have as much knowledge as they do now. People often work from a level of  confidence they learned in the past that doesn’t reflect where they are today. So, we can help someone take the intellectual knowledge that “I am very good at what I do” and we can understand how to help in whatever area of specialty they are in, and get them to really feel that and change that underlying belief that may be causing limits in their life. 

Because I work with the subconscious mind and not only in the conscious/cognitive processes, we are actually addressing the limiting ideas that exist in their life, in a different level of the mind. We go to the core where that issue exists, or where that programing is causing that lack of understanding or communication and we are changing it there. This is often a more effective and a more rapid approach to change and because of that, we get really good results.

In an in-person, or online training, I will show you where you are being limited in terms of achievement or goals, why you are being limited and then what, in a simple way you can begin to do to free yourselves from that limitation. With some simple yet powerful tools, such as self-hypnosis, for example, you will learn to engage these changes that you seek and then be able to implement the changes for long term success. 

I love doing this work because I can affect a lot of people in a really important way and help them to be more successful, whether that is with individuals in a business or if that is with leaders leading a business as with executive leadership, management training,  performance and fulfillment of potential, and within learning and training contexts. To be able to learn these skills and these tools, and to be able to apply them on a consistent basis, it can be life changing.

It’s about communicating with people and understanding how they talk and how they hear and how we can go into a situation when we may have in the past had a lot of stress or even fears about succeeding in certain ways and removing those and replacing it with confidence “I can do this” and engage in that motivation. These are transformative changes in a person’s life that can affect them in a wonderful way.

This is what we do- so whether its corporate communications or helping people with certain aspects of their physical health or their mental well- being, we have great tools. And I know they work, because they worked for me and for others that I have engaged in this process. 

So, I want to bring this process, this learning tool that is not as well- known as it should be into an environment where I can help more people than just one on one. 

Regardless of how successful a person has been in their profession or in leading  an organization, everyone has potential that they have not been able to quite get themselves to achieve, sometimes they are aware of this, and sometimes they are not. But ultimately, if we are working towards peak performance, it means refining and removing limiting beliefs so that they can move to the highest level possible of whatever their endeavor is. Whether it is an action in a given moment or whether it’s a longer term goal. We are unraveling the beliefs that may be limiting that individual from achieving a greater success. 

It’s about setting higher goals that may be outside their limiting beliefs of achieving them. Regardless of who we are, there are limits we place on ourselves, that do not need to be there. We need to move beyond them, we’ve got to get out of our programming that is causing that and, the programming isn’t in the conscious mind, it’s subconsciously learned just the way fears are learned.

Within many business training and leadership contexts, for example- if we consider improving performance and fulfilling potential, this often involves learning refined communication strategies as well as stress management education. In business or corporate environments it is really common that specific types of problems in communication can occur and this is because people don’t always hear what it is you are trying to get across to them. And we have all  had the experience where we have said something to someone and they have experienced or taken it in or heard something very different, haven’t we?

Communication consists of three parts that we are going to look at:

The words we use, body language and the state of mind of the receiver. And this is the part that we don’t focus on or are not aware of and this is where you can make the difference. The truth is we don’t all hear the same way or process information the same way. Some people process more literally and directly and others take the information and look for the meaning behind the words and they will infer meaning. And this is why everyone of you watching this or reading this- at times, have said something to someone and they heard something very different because they processed it differently. They took it to mean something other than what you meant it to mean.

When we know about this deeper aspect of communication and when we can understand about how different people communicate in different ways- we can modify our communication to create better rapport, and in rapport we have greater effectiveness and efficiency, and teams that work better together. So learning that is important and I can teach you how.  Learning about how to communicate and understand how different people respond differently is about creating balance and cooperation and greater efficiency and effectiveness –in any environment, including the work environment or in your profession.