Hypnosis and Therapeutic Journaling: Tap into the Creative Flow

by | Jul 11, 2022

How can we empower the tool of journaling even more with Hypnotherapy? As my private clients know, we always engage a deeper understanding of how the mind works at the start of their sessions: looking at a visual model of the mind clarifies the how, and why obstacles, or conflicts and learned behaviors exist in this deeper subconscious area of the mind. Once they understand the mind, they understand the path to healing. And, they experience the power of hypnosis to resolve the conflicts. I often assign journaling to my clients as homework; it sets them up for that deeper understanding, dialogue and healing that journaling can help to create. Additionally, in my professional workshops, as we engage in Group Guided Imagery: positive and empowered suggestions can be given to our subconscious mind while in the state of hypnosis about our writing or journaling intentions.

Many people struggle with anticipatory anxiety at the thought of putting pen to paper. Journaling is a tool that allows you to process emotions and clear negative responses to the external world. In my Creative and therapeutic journaling workshops I help you eliminate the anxiety that may be stopping you from the very things you want to accomplish.

“Without some kind of training and practice in awareness, no matter how intelligent, motivated, or highly educated we may be, we tend to spend much of our time absent from the present moment, reacting to other people’s cues without very much self- awareness or sense of choice. Things “happen.”  The details pass us by …” Stephanie Dowrick

Join me for my Creative and Therapeutic Journaling Workshops, Experience the power of Guided Imagery: Listen to and learn powerful intentions such as this before sleep:

“Now you have this awareness growing within you and you are going to set an intention and write it down and your mind is going to work on this as you sleep and continue to enrich this and connect this as you sleep and tomorrow we work on continuing this process of integration and creation of that…”

You can use these simple journal-writing exercises to free your mind and allow you to pursue the things you want to do. Journaling can help you unlock your potential.

Mary Moylan, CHt. is a mental health counselor and writer with more than 20 years of experience. Mary teaches workshops on how to use creative and expansive journal writing to help curious professionals become more intelligently reflective and awake. She created a website/blog called Docuthinker.com  where she interviewed documentary filmmakers, reviewed festivals and books and wrote articles about filmmaking. Mary has published articles and book reviews for both The International Documentary Association and the London School of Economics. She has teaching and tutoring writing experience at the graduate level as well as a graduate interdisciplinary research training from the University of London in: literary sociology, phenomenology/philosophy/documentary film. Mary journals everyday, including spiritual journaling and open-heart journaling. You can check out her current blog where she writes about mental health and The Creative Flow



In her free time, Mary walks her Tibetan Terrier through the beautiful paths in Napa Valley, California.

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