Got anxiety?

by | Nov 20, 2023

When a person is dealing with anxiety, I often point out the need for us to help them to improve their relationship with themselves and this includes learning new coping skills. For example, many people reach for unhealthy foods to deal with the feelings of anxiety. We may need to do some “parts work” as many of my clients are familiar with, the inner child work to really anchor their ability to gain control. We can support a person to where the body becomes stable, the mind becomes clear and intelligent and the wisdom speaks clearly to them. And now they trust the wisdom, and own that trust and they recognize that they deserve that trust. So, as we help a person to stabilize the body, for example & maybe that is through stabilizing the blood sugar in their diet, they allow themselves to gain control by taking care of themselves well with the food they eat, for example. And the tools they use to calm themselves, like a breathing tool. Now they are taking control and their life just gets better and better because they are changing the way they are living. So here is a simple but powerful breathing tool that you can begin to use right now on your own: It’s called: Breath with a sigh: the pattern is inhale for 3, hold for 3, exhale for 6 with an audible sigh 3,3,6 & 3 rounds…

Know that the breath is your friend, it is always with you, that the breath becomes the process by which you are centering yourself back into trust, listening to the truth and recognizing that you want to care for yourself well. You want to listen to yourself well and yes, to balance that with listening to others!

Take good care! and check out my new virtual weekly classes in breath work and nervous system reset!