Breathe, Imagine, Align

by | Jul 11, 2022

Dear clients,
Join me for a weekly zoom series or an In-Person Retreat in a beautiful Resort Setting : Breathe, Move, Align, Imagine
Did you know that:

In order to work on what we want in life, psychologically there is what is called mind/body work and, there is also body/mind work. So, part of what we need you (clients) to do is: to connect you to Mind/Body and Spirit

And, I teach you these techniques that are about you connecting and freeing up the body. So, we are going to focus specifically on breathing techniques that are grounding and balancing and centering, And, those that allow us to discover what is there in the body.

You will learn to engage different types of breathing tools, breath to ground and balance, calm and center, breath to stimulate, to build awareness and sensation & to free, release and connect- mind body spirit

Part of this journey is discovery and part of it is, breathing through and releasing and because each of us is different- your needs are going to be different, some may require one to one therapy to heal and move through, but this training is to empower you to discover – and to give you the tools to release. So we will take this deeper through Theraputic Imagery and progressive relaxation…because all of these tools become much more powerful when we anchor them in hypnosis- when we bring the subconscious on board.

I’m will guide you through what the connection into the body is, and how this breath work is connecting on that level…that there are certain aspects within ones psychology that you have to heal from the body- up- & there are certain things in psychology that we have to heal from the mind down

 Through therapeutic imagery, you can connect into this deeper level of communication with yourself…

I hope to see you all for Breathe, Imagine, Align!

My mission in life is to help people in a more holistic manner to achieve a greater well being by integrating the mind, body and emotion as a whole as I have been helped this way. 

As a certified hypnotherapist my focus is on working with the unconscious mind, helping people to overcome the limiting beliefs that are so often present.  With Body/mind somatic therapy, we expand on the body focus by adding the components of the mind and emotion including: working with the conscious mind in terms of thoughts and the unconscious mind in terms of habits and beliefs. 

I have programs of different lengths that can be tailored to any specific spa or resort’s needs.  From 1 hour mind body one on one sessions, weekend group seminars or rotating 5 week seminars that take clients through a weekly discovery and relearning process that is a more complete process of understanding, healing and well being.

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