The Creative Flow

by | Jan 22, 2021

Today I’m going to talk about working with artists and performers- specifically, and, what is it I can do to help you. 

First, we look at: what are the common things that go on in a person that get in their way. And, what do you want to manifest and what is getting in your way?

 Consider the Creative flow: I help people to recognize their creativity and their value and to step into the flow, to get out of thinking and into emotional expression. The creative flow: What is it?  It’s Those moments when you almost effortlessly find yourself allowing inspiration to move through you.

For some people this about: stopping over thinking or, being easily distracted. It’s about allowing those moments to be more common by recognizing that they exist within you. 

For some people, it’s about connecting with some higher self or, a connection that is spiritual in nature. And, for some people, it’s simply about turning down the noise in their thinking and turning up a kind of warmth in their emotion.

Recognize that usually, when we are not in the flow, it’s because we are in a state that is incongruent with that. And there may be some subconscious conditioning or doubts or fears that get in the way- that don’t relate to truth, but relate to some programing that doesn’t serve you. 

So, let’s work on serving you- and serving what’s in your best interest which is the expression of this creativity which is this flow state- which is- experiencing it more and more often with comfort, which then allows you to recreate that state more and more comfortably and consistently which is the wonderful help that I love to bring to people who are creative!

Let’s dig a little deeper: let’s find out:

What are the common things that go on in a person that get in their way: As with productivity and confidence- depending on the individual- if it’s a writer, it’s consistency in writing, with actors- it may be confidence in an audition, with musicians- it’s the flow of the song writing, or confidence in performance. So, we find out where people get in their own way- and then we provide a solution or an answer.

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