Reflecting the Well- Being Ideals of the Aveda Brand

by | Oct 14, 2018

As a mental health counselor and a clinical hypnotherapist, I focus on vocational self- improvement, which is to help people to improve their success in their work environment.Recently, I had the opportunity to work together with the Aveda Institute in Phoenix, Az, to engage their students  in this process of creating more success.


During a demonstration for more than 100 Aveda students- I led them to recognize and then challenge the ideas, thoughts and beliefs in their subconscious that may be working against them. Through exercises in progressive relaxation and guided imagery, I led these students in each day of their orientation, on a journey to manage stress and anxiety, create more control- and to project into a life that they love- focused on a sense of Well- Being.


Being part of an organization like Aveda brings with it a certain responsibility I think, to reflect this sense of Well- Being. I’m inspired by the words of Este Lauder’s own company employees and leaders regarding the realm of holistic beauty; it’s about confidence and expressing your individuality. I recently discovered that the word Aveda- when translated from Sanskrit means “all knowledge. ” And, I think if we focus on the words well- being for a moment and what that means, we can see a connection: It’s physical, mental and emotional well- being. And this can be projected in our image as well- for our own success.

The students were asked to consider their own self-image and what they want to reflect and attract. After all, someone wants to go to a stylist to get what they already have- so, understanding that the need to reflect health, vitality and well- being – is really in their best interest, is key! Yet, we often see that students and trainees experience anxiety as they are learning new skills, and, they often do not know how to deal with these psychological experiences. So much of this is governed by our programing and our subconscious conditioning, and, this is an area where I can help those students to achieve those changes. Cultivating an understanding right from the beginning at Orientation, and building focus to gain control over anxiety and time management are skills that I often teach, and these are skills that will have obvious benefit for the students during their learning process. My job in understanding the human mind and behavior and how to create rapport, is to make students aware of these things.

Now, students and trainees are more able to reflect the Well- Being ideals of the Aveda brand, and, to optimize their effectiveness in their new role here at Aveda and as cosmetologists and estheticians. And, I am confident that if they engage these specific tools consistently, they will be able to reach their goals.